I'm so happy and satisfied with your awesome product. My skin getting soft, Whitehead, blackheads get treated, face glows, I'm in love with your super-duper product. Smells awesome, especially the saffron face wash superb smell, love you VAADI
I?ve been using Vaadi?s saffron face wash, strawberry scrub, sunscreen lotion, fairness cream, chandankesarhaldi face pack, strawberry lip balm, fairness moisturizer with mandarin extract all these for the past 6 months, and i can see my face has become smoother, and my dark spot on face has been reduced alot and my face looks brighter and i have glowing skin now
Siveneswari Perumal
I m using most of Vaadi Herbal products and to say I m so happy that I m using pure herbal products of Vaadi Herbals. Each and every products of Vaadi Herbal that i m using was simply remarkable and suits most for my skin and hair. I am using Amlaa Shikkai shampoo whereby it was very amazing with my hair, Safforon Honey face wash was so awesome, cucumber under eye cream is so good, face packs i am using almond and fruits face packs makes my face instant glow so I can keep on my listing going on but all together VAADI HERBALS are super herbal products that I m using. Big hand to VAADI ORGANISπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Kavitha N.
I start tp use this product 3 weeks and i can see the difference.. The smell simply amazing.. I just love it..
Max ElixhaYoganan
I've been using this Saffron facial wash since the MCO. I'm naturally with a pigmented face while the oil glance can be little too much over the day. However, this facial wash managed to control the oil on my face, keep it dry & brought some shine on it. I strongly encourage this product to anyone with acne & access oil on your face.
I really love this product, more than 1 years I am using this product.
Thevi Dass
Good product and have been using since last year.
Puspah K.
Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Manju B.
It's smell so nice and my skin so smooth
Simply amazing.. My skin glows, feels really soft and flawless... I love it. Suddenly Vaadi becomes my favourite website... I have ordered packages 3x giving to people
I will order this facial cleanser again for sure. I wanted to try their all 4 flavors. It smells nice and gives a nice glow to my face. Even my boyfriend compliments me for my glow.
I like this face wash, though Ive not seen any big results but yes it makes my skin feeling moisturized and smooth. I think its too early to write a review because I have used it for 2 days only, so Ill be back here very soon to write my complete review. Until then, its a great product.
This organic facial cleanser is helpful in reducing dark spots from the face. Makes my skin looks less oily and gives an instant glow which lasts for 7-8 hours. Im using it daily two times and very happy with the results.