Vikneswary A.Sree Krishanann
Skin becomes more soft and have result on the dark spot areas..
Can see a slight difference in my complexion within the first 2/3 uses. When applying it on face it burns a little but no breakouts so far.
I?ve been using Vaadi?s saffron face wash, strawberry scrub, sunscreen lotion, fairness cream, chandankesarhaldi face pack, strawberry lip balm, fairness moisturizer with mandarin extract all these for the past 6 months, and i can see my face has become smoother, and my dark spot on face has been reduced alot and my face looks brighter and i have glowing skin now
In love with the Chandan Kesar Fairness Face pack! "It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean with a fresh scent." Honestly, could we ask for anything more?
Elezabeth Jannyfa
My skin looks more brighter now.. My sister in law said it..
I love the fragrance of the mask, it is so refreshing. On the fourth use i can see changes on my face. My pimples scars are slowly fading off and every time after using the mask my face feel so smooth. Thank you for this wonderful product. Will purchase again.
This face mask is AWESOME. Hands-down, the most effective topical natural product I've used for my skin thus far. I have very problematic bacterial folliculitis and it is very difficult to treat. I had several areas of my face where pimples were swollen, sore, or not healing well. After using this face mask, these areas ALL began to dry up and heal. I didn't use as much as the package recommends (they recommend using most of the bottle!), but I covered my problematic areas. I followed the directions, left it on to dry, and rinsed off. Wonderful product, I found it very effective--especially when most products do not work for my skin! I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely buy again.
Wonderful Product. This smells so yummy I want to eat it! And it makes my skin feel wonderful after I use it! I have very sensitive skin and so many masks irritate my skin after using. This mask goes on smooth, not too thick and washes off without having to scrub it off. I waited to use this many times before giving it a review and it's been great. It came in a two pack and I gave my friend one. Her skin is completely different than mine (oilier and not sensitive at all) and she said she loves it too. And it's all natural which is important to me!
This is the best product of Vaadi Organics which gives natural fairness to my skin. I was earlier using another brand, but from last two months, Im sticking to this Vaadi face pack.
I have ordered this product recently. Used thrice so far - within 10 days. This product has shown visible difference on my face which was otherwise tanned due to frequent travels and pigmentation. I have started liking this and will continue to reorder. This cream has the goodness of saffron, sandal which are the natural ingredients and the packing is also quite good.
Suitable for all skin. The pack has a smooth creamy consistency, which spreads evenly and is not at all runny.After washing off the pack my skin appears smooth, refreshed and hydrated. Since, this face pack doesnt dry up my skin it is suitable for all skin types.
I purchased it for my wife and since it contains Saffron, it helps in lightening the skin tone and due to the regular usage, my wife's skin tone is better now. Thanks to Vaadi for such an effective face pack and that too in so reasonable price.
I purchased this face pack after the recommendation of one of my friends and found it really nice. It helps to lighten my pigmented marks and leaves a glow after its application.