It is awesome Pedicure kit for home use. It has soothing and fresh aroma of lemongrass. Every item is genuine and gives desired result. Overall Im happy with the delivery and result. Thank you Vaadi!
Best at home. The whole package instantly gives new look to your feet. I was very happy with the packaging. Im very happy to buy this product and it is highly recommended too
Smells great I have rough feet from a lot of hiking, running, yoga, etc. This kit was easy to use, I had never given myself a pedicure before) and my feet looked much better after the first time using it and continued to get better with each use. And it smells great!
Very effective kit I purchased this for my wife and she loved it, she found it very helpful as it is very much effective just like the company claims it to be. She's using it since long and getting better results use per use. Best thing is that its so reasonable in price that every common person can afford it.
Wonderful kit Wonderful product. I used each treatment and am amazed at how wonderful my feet feel and look. I'm not sure which step or if it was the combination, but my calloused more or less came off without me even using a pumice stone or a callous remover. This product is awesome.