The gel is really lightweight, sleek, and non sticky. I think that this product can be used by all sorts of skin types because of its multi-purpose functionalities.It really made a difference in my complexion.
If you are a working woman this gel helps a lot in getting all the impurities removed after coming from such a polluted atmosphere. I bought it my husband for me and I got amazing results using it. Thanks to Vaadi for such a useful product.
Wonderful Product. This organic massage gel contains the extract of Green apple, Mulberry extract and honey, it really works on skin. Very good product.
I have oily skin. After using this gel, my complexion improved and there were no breakouts, not even the smallest whiteheads, which proves how light this gel works (I always got whiteheads if use too heavy cosmetics). This is perfect proof, that oily skin needs moisturisation, not drying.