Shanuja Menon
Nice smell just started to try hope it’s work out for me
Parveen Yogesh Balan
Very good product
I have almost tried all the shampoo..then tried the vaadi shampoo...i feel it is the best shampoo i ever used.u can find in the first wash itself.hairfall drastically appears healthy like nver befre and significant hair growth is seen... So happy with this product...thank you vaadi
Really great product. I've been searching for another to replace Pureology (As it is no longer the same formula I grew to love since Loreal bought the company) and this has been a great substitute. I have thick, frizzy hair. This gets my hair clean without over-drying. You do not need that much of the product, which makes it last a while. It also lathers quite nicely unlike similar shampoos. Overall, great experience - highly recommends for those who have thick, frizzy hair and do not wash more than 2-3 times per week.
This organic shampoo is best of all other organic brands Ive ever used because after using it a week, I have actually seen an improvement in hair fall which Ive never noticed with other brands. It also gives the hair a good shine and makes my hair smooth. So, I would surely recommend it to all to try it once and see the results on your own.
I would highly recommend this shampoo if you are facing hair fall problem or any hair damage or just normally want to buy a good chemical free shampoo. My hair fall problem is reduced to a very good extent so I will recommend. I am also going to buy their conditioner too.
This shampoo is very good. It is helping to make my hair shine, little less hair is falling.
Excellent!!! I love this because it doesn't contain neither paraben nor sulfates - what else can healthy hair want? These chemicals are the most harmful and almost all shampoos today contain either or both of the two. Please continue this product, Vaadi!
I like the way it feels in my hair, plus I like that it's not full of chemicals. As I age and my hair is thinning, I wanted something more natural to be gentle on my scalp and my hair without chemicals. This shampoo lathers quiet well without any issues. It really cleanses my hair well, and I found this to be the most affordable and the best organic shampoo in the market. There are a variety of chemical based ones that you find in your grocery store which as you age will give you adverse reaction. This one in time will reduce your hair-fall in time.
Item arrived super fast. It lathers well and leaves my hair clean, soft & shiny. I have noticed fewer hairs in my hairbrush and less hair fall in general. I like the shampoo & will buy again!