Nice herbals shower gel I got this gift box for my birthday from my sister and just loved to have this herbal collection. Lemon and Olive, both these shower gels are absolutely fantastic, having herbal fragrance and makes my skin soft and smoother. The best thing is that now I dont need to find another shower gel which keeps my skin moisturized all day long.
Full Satisfied I have quite sensitive skin and thats why I chose this shower gel combo. With a lovely fragrance, it doesnt leave my skin irritated like other body washes did. After the bath, it makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed which is an additional point to have this combo.
Best shower gel ever I have ordered this on my friend's recommendation. Firstly I was not very sure but when the product is delivered in just two days by Vaadi e-store and used it I felt very refreshed, the aroma of the body wash is just as its name like you are literally bathing with refreshing lemons and olives. In such affordable price, these shower gels are best.
Happy to used it! My skin had become very dry with white lines due to the use of soaps. The gel has made my skin very soft and the dryness and white lines have vanished. It is a soap free product so it is better for the skin than the harsh soaps. After bathing with the gel, I feel fresh all day long with a sweet and pleasant smell.
Amazing effect on my skin The shower gel is very good and the fragrance is also quite a mellow one. The bottle is designed in a unique way that it looks pretty large as compared in the picture. There is no spillage while pouring. A small squeeze and minimal amount come out. One drop is enough to gather up lather twice. So in all a very effective and a not so expensive bathing product.