Its a very good sunscreen lotion at a very decent price. These days chemicals laden sunscreen is very common but this is pure organic stuff. There are many good things about the product but the main USP I felt was its fragrance and cost. Its not very expensive and trusts me you will love the fragrance. You can use it without applying moisturizer as it is moisturizing in nature. Go for it. I am glad Vaadi is coming up with such great products.
This sunscreen lotion is really a very good product. It does not make your face oily and protects from sun tan in a very good way. I work in middle-east and this product has done wonders for me.
When I tried this sunscreen, the first thing I observed was the smell. The sunscreen has a wonderful fragrance with the combination of lavender and lilac. I choose this sunscreen because it has SPF 30 and it suits my sensitive skin very well. The effect of this sunscreen lasts for 3-4 hours. Overall, I like the products quality and would recommend to all to try it once.