This is a nice lip balm. It does not colour your lips and has a refreshing orange scent.
Good moisturiser for lips. If you are looking for colored one this is not for you. Perasonally am a fan of citrus fragrances so i loved this orange snell on my lips. Good thing is it wont leave white patches on lips. All in all good balm.
This lip balm has a nice citrus scent which is not too strong. It smoothes and seems to stay put longer than the average balm. It comes in a nice size for a smaller pocket.
The orange in this lip balm is a great source of vitamin because lips are so sensitive I don't want to use anything strange on them. The orange in this lip balm is a great source of vitamin C, which I already use on my face for its anti-aging properties.
This pocket friendly orange lip balm keeps your lips moisture for a long time. It's sweet orangey scent is what attracts me to it. I always carry it in my bag with me. It's natural ingredients like orange oil, jojoba oil and Shea butter moisture and conditions the skin deeply. It's 100% organic. I am quite happy with the product.
I bought this lip balm for the first time just to try Vaadi products and Im happy that I made a purchase with them and would love to try other products too. This orange lip balm reduced tan on my lips and made them very soft. I would definitely recommend!
Yum! I have NEVER had orange flavored anything, so I took a chance and ordered this Lip Balm. It's fantastic. It goes on smooth and lasts and lasts. It's not sticky, overly shiny, and it does a great job of soothing my wind and sunburned lips.
Awesome. Been using it for about 2 weeks now, and I can tell that my lips don't dry out as fast, and overall look healthier. Living in the south, dry lips is a problem so I use it every day for fuller looking lips.