I?ve been using Vaadi?s saffron face wash, strawberry scrub, sunscreen lotion, fairness cream, chandankesarhaldi face pack, strawberry lip balm, fairness moisturizer with mandarin extract all these for the past 6 months, and i can see my face has become smoother, and my dark spot on face has been reduced alot and my face looks brighter and i have glowing skin now
It smells great, nothing overpowering and a little goes a long way.
This is a great deal. I really like this gloss. It smells like strawberry--which is a major selling point for me--and it moisturizes like it claims. It stays on for a decent amount of time, but if you eat it comes off, of course. I was able to keep a couple for me, and then give some to my sisters and beastie too. Definitely a good value purchase.
This lip balm is natural is not greasy. It's perfect and exactly what I can carry around in my purse and I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals too.
I like this even better than Maybelline Lip Blams! I use it on top of my color stay Revlon lip stain. Works GREAT! It moisturizes and is more natural than the gloss and doesn't make it flake. Also, when worn by itself, helps make my lips look more naturally pink than Maybelline. Plus it has really simple ingredients and doesn't smell artificial.