Really effective on my skin I am using this product from last few weeks and I am satisfied with it as it makes my skin soft and glowing after application.
I have been using quite a few Vaadi products recently and to my knowledge they are all good and satisfactory. The massage cream can be best used at home for facial.It glides easily onto the skin and gives a natural glow to my skin.
Wonderfully work. Amazing! This is my first massage cream from Vaadi and I just want to say that it's great. The cream claims to contain gold dust, I am not sure about that but in any case, the consistency is very good, has great a moisturising effect and gives skin nice glow. I will definitely keep buying this product.
This is really a good Ayurvedic product. This helps to remove the dark spots on my skin. I just loved it.
I like the cream. I am quite happy with it. I have been using it regularly for more than a month now.It feels a little heavy for 2 minutes after application but gets absorbed after that without leaving any trace of greasiness.