Sanmuga Sundari Ganesan
It's a wonderful soap, moisturizes. Became a fan of their range since i love herbal products. I make sure to read the ingredients list before purchasing any natural products as some products have 1 or 2 natural ingredients and claiming its a natural product. Vaadi is purely natural. Thanks for such products.
Its nice scrub soap. I have never tried scrub soap earlier and this is the first time I tried this product. I used it all over the body and overall good experience. It helps remove the dead skin layer and extra tan after a day in the sun.
Thank you very much for such a genuine product Vaadi. Its truly meeting up with its quality and it cleans dead skin very smoothly. Wonderful product!!!
I can't think of using any other soap after this. Ive been using it since last 8-9 months. It is great, little rough as it exfoliates but totally fine with it because it makes my foot skin smooth.
I used to have such dark elbows since my teenage and nothing used to work on them but this soap is sort of magical. It exfoliates just like its been described and gives you smooth and clean skin. Totally loved it as my elbows, hand, ankles, and feet are getting lighten up with every use.
Guys, you believe it or not but this is one of the great scrubs I use daily while taking bath. Dont judge it by the price. Its really good. Try and see yourself.