Kawselya Jaishangkar
I love all the products
This is the best organic soap that Ive ever tried and once you use it, Im sure you will never look back at your regular soap. This soap leaves skin so soft and the fragrance is just awesome, Im in love with it since the day I started using it.
Its such a good product at this price. This bathing bar makes every shower a pleasurable experience. It offers a sense of soothing with a calming feel while it removes all dust and skin impurities from my skin.
Absolutely recommend it! This is the best soap for a facial skin. The packaging was neat and lovely. The soap has a mild fragrance of Saffron and it's very good on the skin. I absolutely loved the texture of it and how it has helped to improve my skin's color and glow. Absolutely recommend it!
As it claims, half goat milk with half saffron, this soap is not just pretty to look at, but great to use on body and face. Its fragrance is soft and appealing and the texture is smooth. I like it.