Great soap It is a bar which looks like a gel bar or so. One side of the bar is green colored lemongrass soap which is the major part of it while the opposite side is the brown colored scrub part. The soap smells good and foams well. This soap cleanses well and does not dry out skin.
Great work. WOW! I love this soap! It makes skin so soft. It lathers beautifully and cleanses well. The scrub is mild and perfect for everyday cleansing. The yellow part has a very nice minty smell. The scent just wakes you up and refreshes your mind. The texture is luxurious. Absolutely wonderful experience using this soap.
Lea Christine
Amazing effect on my skin It is affordable, contains essential oils, cleanses well, and smells good. These are some key benefits of using this soap. I like this soap because it left the smooth skin after application. The only issue is that it is available online only